Friday, January 15, 2010

How to Blag a Blag in 10 Blagoseconds!

This is my blog!

I'll be abroad in Copenhagen this semester, doing things like learning how to type the o with the umlaut above it and eating wienerbrod. I hope to deliver news of my adventures, pleas for rescue from the Danish authorities and startling accounts of ordinary things from all over Europe through this blog. Mostly though, it will probably involve me writing in excruciating detail why I dislike Lady GaGa or how mediocre herring really is, or even lamenting the lack of widely available fine spirits. With any luck, this will be a journey of tremendous whimsy and deep personal growth. With no luck, I'll still be able to buy liquor legally and I'll get more Omega 3 oils than I ever thought I would.



  1. the part about ragging on GaGa is pretty much the only reason i'll be reading this.

    also, have fun being on a plane for 15 hours.