Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Applications and obscurantist musings

Well, what I've learned from writing this blog is that as soon as I come to some sort of meaningful conclusion it pretty promptly proves itself incorrect. Not entirely, and I think there's still some good stuff in here, but's a bit much. You guys were skipping over the metaphysical bits anyway, it's not interesting to read and it makes me sound like an ass above all else. I don't actually know anything about philosophy, nor do I have any kind of real experiential platform upon which I can stand and pontificate. From now on, I'll try to stick to verbose descriptions of mundane cultural intersections and ridiculous things I may or may not have done outside of a bar called Wall Street when the Metro stopped running yesterday.

More importantly, I spend too much time on the internet as it is. As fun as these are to write, they also take hours out of my day that I could be wasting on equally frivolous pursuits with little to no discernible positive value.

Yesterday was a bemusing day. I decided to meet up with some people for a sushi dinner, meaning that I would just stay a few hours after classes in the city and then head to the restaurant. This was the night of "blizzard" #2 of my stay here, so things would get very complicated. I went out with the same girls who invited me to the kollegium party this past Saturday, and after finding one place (a real hole in the wall, in the literal sense that you actually stuck your hand through a hole and they gave you sushi) and deciding not to eat there we settled on a nice if expensive place near our classroom buildings. I had a Sapporro in my favorite uncrushable tallboy can, which turned out to be a dismaying 64 kroner, but hey, gotta live a little bit. And everyone knows that living and spending money are directly correlated, right?

We went to some bars, met a couple of dudes (and they were in fact dudes) from Tufts that my companions knew from somewhere and went on to more bars. One of these dudes, who I'll call Senor Stubble, had a significant amount of stubble. The other one looked like a young clone of John Stewart, though it took me about half of the evening to really realize it. We talked about dinosaurs and ogled at crucially mustachioed Danes, typical for a night's entertainment, and then due to the state of the train tracks (these people flip out like none other when the white rain starts to fall) I went and stayed at this kollegium again. That's about the time when the allergic reaction to seafood happened to the girl I was staying with. I can't imagine food allergies. I don't want to.

I'm leaving for a study tour to Western Denmark tomorrow bright and early, hopefully that will generate some blog-worthy experiences. I think I've thought everything to death enough, this will now be an exercise in doing. I have my work cut out for me.


  1. take your "blizzard" and raise it 28 inches---cause that's how much snow we got!! booyah.

  2. Hence why it's in quotes. For Northern Europe, these people are sissies when it comes to the cold and blustery.

  3. Whoa, Simon!! Dudes from Tufts - I might know them!! Also, I'm in Paris so if you're going to be here, def holler.

    Sophie gave me your blog link, its been enjoyable reading. holla at me?

    Samantha Frank